Every September the American Library Association, through its Office of Intellectual Freedom focuses attention on books
that have been deemed “objectionable” by groups or individuals in communities across the nation. A list is maintained on
the censorship of books that can challenge the accepted view. Owing to the efforts of librarians, citizens,instructors, and students, the values of open access to information is maintained. The Freedom to read, as celebrated by Banned Book Week unites all that owes their creativity, livelihood, and learning to the expressed ideas contained in a book.
Here is just a few books that have been listed by the ALA as Banned:

Year    Author                               Title                                                                                                                                          Genre
2015    John Green                      Looking for Alaska                                                                                         Young Adult Fiction                                              
2015    E. L. James                       Fifty Shades of Grey                                                                                      Erotic Romance
2015    Herthel, Jennings           I Am Jazz                                                                                                          Children’s Picture Book
2015    Susan Kuklin                   Beyond Magenta                                                                                             Young Adult
2015    Mark Haddon                 The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time                                   Mystery
2015                                               The Holy Bible                                                                                                 Religion, Literature
2015    Alison Bechdel                Fun Home                                                                                                        Graphic Novel, Memoir
2015    Craig Thompson             Habibi                                                                                                               Graphic Novel
2015    Jeanette Winter              Nasreen’s Secret School                                                                                Children’s Literature
2014    Sherman Alexie              The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian                                       Young Adult
2014    Marjane Satrapi              Persepolis                                                                                                         Comics, Autobiographical
2014    Richardson,Parnell        And Tango Makes Three                                                                                 Children’s, Young Adult
2014    Toni Morrison                 The Bluest Eye                                                                                                   Afro-American Literature
2014    Robie Harris                    It’s Perfectly Normal                                                                                        Health, Family, Pregnancy, Children
2014    Vaughan, Staples            Saga                                                                                                                  Graphic Novel
2014    Khaled Hosseini             The Kite Runner                                                                                             Historical Drama
2014    Stephen Chbosky            The Perks of Being a Wallflower                                                                Literature, Fiction
2014    Jaycee Dugard                 A Stolen Life                                                                                                   Autobiography, Memoir
2014    Raina Telgemeier            Drama                                                                                                             Graphic Novel, Children’s
2013    Dav Pilkey                         Captain Underpants (series)                                                                       Children’s Literature. Humor
2013    Suzanne Collins              The Hunger Games (series)                                                                        Science Fiction, Drama
2013    Tanya Lee Stone              A Bad Boy Can Be Good for A Girl                                                              Romance Novel, Poetry
2013    Rudolfo Anaya                 Bless Me Ultima                                                                                              Literature, Fiction,Hispanic
2013    Jeff Smith                         Bone (series)                                                                                                   Comic Book
2012    Jay Asher                          Thirteen Reasons Why                                                                                Young Adult, Fiction
2012    Alvin Schwartz                 Scary Stories (series)                                                                                   Children’s
2012    Jeanette Walls                 The Glass Castle                                                                                           Memoir
2012    Toni Morrison                  Beloved                                                                                                             Literature, Fiction, Teens
2011    Lauren Myracle                ttyl; ttfn; l8r, g8r (series)                                                                                 Literature, Fiction
2011    Kim Dong Hwa                The Color of Earth (series)                                                                         Graphic Novel, Historical Fiction, Manga
2011    Reynolds Naylor               My Mom’s Having A Baby! A Kid’s Month-by-Month                               Children’s, Growing Up, Health
2011    Aldous Huxley                  Brave New World                                                                                          Literature, Science Fiction, Utopian
2011    Sonya Sones                      What My Mother Doesn’t Know                                                                Young Adult, Fiction
2011    Cecily Von Ziegesar          Gossip Girl (series)                                                                                    Literature, Fiction, Teens

   Let’s all support our right to read and with it our intellectual freedom.  Thank you  ALA


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