Most students can not understand why many college textbooks cost over $200. They have not been prepared to face the reality that five publishers have a lock on the college textbook industry. The major publishers have increased the price
of course books each year without any competition or regards to the consequences on overall sales. They blame lost of
revenue to used books, textbook sharing, instructors relying on class lectures and handouts. Many instructors aware that
their students can not afford the cost of textbooks have allowed them to use old editions of the required textbooks. The
response of the publishing industry was to further control the market through custom editions made for each college. These custom versions can be used to control of class assignments, projects and exams through a computer access codes sold as part of textbook.
There are not many options given by the publishing industry to save the consumer money. Their option for students to save
some cash is the renting or buying of ebooks. Many times it can lead students to new levels of frustration that they almost wish that they had purchased or rented a physical book. Let the buyer beware, please shop and compare before you
make your decision. For an independent report please visit Covering the Cost

Thanks for your time, I hope you have success in school, and find many book bargains.

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